Ceremonies offered by Tuscany Wedding Celebrants

No matter your celebration, no matter your ceremony ideas, Tuscany Wedding Celebrants can help craft your special day to your exact specifications. We will walk you through the process, provide you with examples of ceremonies, reading and quote from our vast library, and help you create a memorable and meaningful celebration of love. 

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

A symbolic wedding ceremony is just that, a non-legal, non-binding ceremony that is a celebration of love for each other. This option is ideal for those that want to avoid the (often) bureaucratic red-tape that Italy is famous for.  A Symbolic ceremony does not have a strict script (in Italian) that must be adhered to, so you are free to create a ceremony that is perfect, intimate and a perfect fit for you. This option is open to all couples and we are proudly LGBTQ inclusive.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Much like the symbolic ceremony, the vowel renewal does not have any sort of legal and binding authority. It is simply a custom ceremony, created by you and your partner, with the help of a celebrant, to commemorate your life, your love and your commitment to each other. 


We offer symbolic ceremonies for those that want to forego all the pressure and drama and simply want to celebrate your love for and commitment to each other in a more quiet and intimate setting. We will work with you to create the perfect ceremony and this is a service that can be available without much notice. 

Civil Wedding/ Civil Union Ceremonies

Let’s be honest… having to navigate official/ government offices are hard enough, coupled with a language barrier and not having infinite time or resources, it can seem overwhelming. Let us help you! We work closely with local wedding planner extraordinaire, Alice Bracciali at Unique Events in Tuscany, who has years of experience and expertise in this field. 

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