About Hersey & Lisa

A little about your celebrant Hersey

Hersey & Chorizo

Ciao tutti! My name is Hersey Forehand and I am an American that has been lucky enough to call Tuscany home for the past five years. A graphic designer by trade, my road to becoming a celebrant is a long and fun story. In 2005, while talking with our best friends about their upcoming wedding, they were disappointed with the difficulty in finding a celebrant and did not want a traditional church wedding. On a whim, I volunteered to become an officiant and had the honor of marrying my two best friends on a mountain top overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. From there, one wedding, lead to another and soon, I had began to officiate many, many weddings for friends and family.

However, after we moved to Tuscany in 2019, I realized that I missed making an impact in others lives. I love being a part of the celebration, when two people, that love each other unconditionally, commit themselves to each other – whether it is just the two of them or tons of friends and family – it is my honor to be there, joining two lives into one.

A little about your writer and celebrant Lisa

Lisa, with two decades of experience in event planning, has planned everything from keynotes and conferences to weddings and parties. A passionate and  talented writer, she collaborates closely with couples, ensuring their ceremonies mirror their unique character and personalities. Her commitment to crafting unforgettable moments extends to her occasional role as a celebrant, which she loves being a part of. Her love for meeting and understanding people fuels her passion for creating meaningful connections. With a rich history in curating experiences and a genuine interest in the stories that unfold within them, Lisa continues to bring joy and authenticity to every event she touches.