How to Find The Perfect Celebrant for Your Wedding Celebration

Congratulations on your engagement!

Now that you have found the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with, it is time to start to wedding planning. One of the biggest decisions you will face is how to select the perfect wedding celebrant. After all, this is the one person that will lead and direct your entire ceremony, so you want to make sure that you have someone that is perfect for you. 

Finding the Perfect Match

It is important to meet and speak with a couple celebrants well in advance of your big day. Prepare a list of questions for your celebrant, such as “how did you get your start as a celebrant?”, “what is your favorite part of being a celebrant?”, and so forth. Learning more about why your celebrant performs ceremony is an important piece of the puzzle. (A love of connecting couples, being part of their special day and helping each articulate how the couples feel for each other are paramount). 

While you are speaking with your celebrant, feel free to ask some background questions to see if you connect on a personal level. Are you both animal lovers? Or do you share some of the same hobbies or share favorite authors or bands. These may seem like little things, but can go a long way towards cementing your celebrant.

Creating a Bespoke Ceremony

Many celebrants have a “formula” that they use for each and every couple. This may be what you are looking for, or it may be a bit generic for you. At Tuscany Wedding Celebrants, we believe each couple is different and each ceremony should highlight and reflect each couple and their journey to the “alter”.  Whether you have in mind a deeply poetic and ultra-romantic ceremony or one that tells your story full of humor and fun stories, this is strive for in every couple. Your ceremony should be exactly what you want, not something that is thrust upon you and told it is the final version. 

How to Find the Perfect Celebrant

With the advent of the internet, there is certainly no shortage of information. When researching a celebrant, make sure you look up reviews written by actual couples. What they loved (or didn’t love), ask friends for referrals of who performed their ceremonies of simply get lost in the magic and beauty of Instagram. Photographers can make even the most mundane images look like a storybook wedding. 

No matter how you find your list of celebrants, make sure to set up video meetings and get to know them before confirming with someone. 

How Much Does a Celebrant Cost?

Prices certainly run the gambit for wedding celebrants. Some couples choose a friend or family member to perform their ceremonies for free. This can seem like a great alternative if you are on a budget. However, you will need to make sure your friend or family member will be able to speak in front of crowds, lead the ceremony along in a flowing and poetic way and be able to stay on task. We have seen way too many times, where the friends and family members do not project their voices, are reduced to laughter and snickers, or go off on an unplanned tangent about “when we were younger…”. Sometimes, it is best to leave the ceremony to a professional and offer the microphone during dinner for toasts and stories. 

The actual cost of a celebrant can run the gambit from a couple hundred euros to well into the thousands. It is important to keep in mind why you wanted a celebrant in the first place. You want someone to create a story that includes the essence of you two as a couple. Then they need to show up and deliver, the while time, keeping the audience in the palm of their hand and riveted by what they say. While it may seem like a simple task, it takes many years of writing, practice and oration to get this down. 

In conclusion, if you are wondering if a celebrant is the right decision for you and your spouse, please contact Tuscany Wedding Celebrants and let’s set up a call. We would be delighted to tell you a little about ourselves and learn how we can best assist you in creating the perfect ceremony for your celebration. 


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