How to Plan an Intimate Wedding in Tuscany

A post from our friends at Unique Events in Tuscany.

Once upon a time, weddings were attended by everyone in the family, old friends, employees, and anyone else you wanted. This has shifted in favor of intimate weddings in recent years. Studies suggest couples are choosing to get married later and with fewer guests in comparison with the past. Even micro weddings have become popular – they are small weddings with up to 50 guests.

Is the thought of holding your wedding reception for 200 of your “nearest and dearest” overwhelming? If you’re thinking about eloping, that’s not the only way to avoid crowds. Instead, do a much smaller wedding with all the fixings. We’re talking about ten guests, 20 maximum (your truly nearest and dearest), and all of the other details that will make your event uniquely yours: invitations, dinner, the wedding dress, the cake, any other special details.

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