Greetings from Tuscany Wedding Celebrants

In the beginning…

My road to becoming a celebrant is a long and fun story. In 2005, while talking with our best friends about their upcoming wedding, they mentioned that they were disappointed with the difficulty in finding a celebrant because they did not want a “traditional church wedding”. On a whim, I offered to become an officiant (through the Universal Life Church) and thus started my long and storied career as a wedding officiant and celebrant.

Hersey & Chorizo

In April of 2005, I had the incredible honor of marrying our two best friends on a mountain top overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. My wife, dressed in her wedding best (heels and all!) trekked over a mile to find a couple of hikers willing to serve as witnesses, but that is another story…). From there, one wedding, lead to another and soon, I had began to officiate most of our friend’s weddings. 

And now, over 18 years later, I find myself living in the heart of Tuscany and ready to share my experience as a wedding celebrant with couples from all over the world. I still get a bit emotional when I look back on the amazing memories I have and the new ones yet to come. It is such an honor to be able to take part in the amazing celebrations uniting two people that love and cherish one another and that have chosen each other to spend the rest of their lives with, still gets me a bit misty. 

I love to create ceremonies from the heart, full of emotion and even a little humor. No matter what you envision for your wedding- an elopement, a civil marriage/ union or a symbolic celebration of your love for each other – Tuscany Wedding Celebrants can help make your dream a reality. 


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